Interview: ZoëTwoDots - Pokemon GO Influencer

ZoëTwoDots stopped by to chat with Chris and Ness about all things Pokemon, Australia, YouTube, and all things in between! We had such a lovely time with her and we hope you do too!

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YouTube channel

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Within the Hour - Alan Kinder


Here’s a list of the questions asked:

What do you love about Pokémon?

You started your Pokémon GO vlogging journey about 2 years ago, but you had been doing travel vlogs for 2 years before then. Did you have any other plans for your YouTube career prior to Pokémon GO?

What's your favorite aspect of playing Pokémon GO?

You've recently been picked up as a sponsored influencer by Niantic! How do you feel about that?

What inspires you and your content

Is there a particular YouTuber that has helped you the most?

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment.

Tell us about your next big goal!

What are you looking forward to the most in 2019?

What are some of the greatest challenges of being an Influencer?

Do you find that you have any unique obstacles due to your gender, being in Australia, etc.? Does it influence your relationships with friends/family? (kind of Trent)

What’s one piece of advice you would like to give players?

What's your favorite Pokémon?

Blemboi - How’s your distance medal coming along?

Tyler - When you leave to play, do you have a plan? What sorts of things do you prioritize?


What does Vegemite taste like?

Where do you get your bows?

What’s your favorite country?

Where are you hiding old Zealand?

Do you even like kangaroos?

Favorite drink?

Does your partner play Pokemon?

If you could be any Pokemon what would you be?

How do you feel about kiwis?




Do you play ingress?

What do you put on toast?

What’s your third favorite dinosaur?

You’re stranded on an island. What’s the first thing you see?

Are parachute spiders a real threat?

What are the names of your cats?

What's something you don't use every day that you couldn't live without?

You’ve invented escalators, sell me on them.


Post-its, Pop-tarts, or Pokemon- You only get one

Have you ever microwaved water for coffee or tea?

Pick a number between 1 and 7000.

If you were in Toy Story, which toy would you be?

Pizza toppings?

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Current song stuck in your head?

Give us your best Australian slang?